7 Chakra Model

At PBOPlus we identify the heart of the management problem as ‘silo effect‘.
When a process is split between functions and people within functions, it causes the Silo effect.

The PBOPlus 7 Chakra Model stems from the a confluence of life forces for the organization, just like it is for individuals in their lives.

  • Process Chakra | Life Theme through processes
  • Structure Chakra | Empathy and Significance of inverted 3 layered structure
  • People Chakra | Will Power and the Multifunctional Team
  • Performance Chakra | Unconditional Acceptance and fully devoted performance
  • Technology Chakra | Communication, Creativity, Synthesis in Technology and Business Process Interfaces
  • ZDS Chakra | Self Mastery and providing Zero Delay services to the frontline
  • Neuro Alignment Chakra | Unification of the sub conscious and the superconscious

Our 7 Chakra Model

  • We look at the FUTURE and decide how the plant should operate to survive and thrive
  • We look at the PRESENT
  • We look at the PAST to know the exceptions only

Business Parameters

In order to improve business parameters, a highly diversified team from different
functions has to come together and work in synchronization

Shareholder Parameter

1. True Contribution

2. PBT

Customer Parameter

1. Order to cash cycle time, OTIF

2. Place of delivery

3. Lot size i.e. as per rate of consumption

4. Guarantee and Returns

5. Customization

6. Range in a lot

7. Commercials i.e. Price, Credit, Discounts for 4 types

8. 5 senses customization

Process Parameters

1. Time: Mean time TAT and Time Variations

2. Quality: Mean quality and Quality Range

3. Cost per Unit

4. Throughput

7- Chakra Improves V/C

7- Chakra Improves V/C