The Story of PBOPlus in short

We deliver extraordinary, sustainable and consistent outcomes. Trace our journey through time.

  1. PBOPlus Founded

    PBOPlus gets Incorporated and founded with Key accounts in

    Panacea Biotec
    Solar Explosives

  2. Starts Deep Implementation

    Company starts deep implementation of Processes for clients.

  3. PBOPlus Reinvented

    PBOPlus revisits and reinvents itself with fresh Board of Directors.

  4. 7 Chakra Model

    PBOPlus announces the 7 Chakra Model- it's unique way of approaching business. The full comprehensive model based on the Process Based Organization Principles.

  5. 7 Chakra Grows Roots

    7 Chakra gets successfully implement across multiple clients with consistent results.

  6. Process Design Launched

    PBOPlus Launches it's process design Priciples around the 7 Chakra Model.

  7. PBOPlus Powers the Processes of Manufacturing

    PBOPlus evolves to add Technology as the backbone of all process design. Integrates and assimilate deeper insight into core manufacturing processes

  8. Development of Business Process Interfaces Formalized

    Develops a formalised BPI vertical supporting it's 7 Chakra decision with launch of many key and copyrighted Business Process Interfaces. Business Process Automation Solutions Announced.

  9. Robotics Diversification Road Mapped

    PBOPlus Board approves it's vision, mission and values for the next 10 years. This includes diversification directly into manufacturing through industrial robots.



To set humanity and Businesses free from a lower order of objectivity to explore the humbling vastness of the universe



Help Businesses and Individuals Visualize, Processize and Optimize Transformational Performance Parameters



  • Start with the why
  • Vision and Process above Individual
  • Failure
    Self Reflection
  • Results above age or experience
  • Rationality for better results
  • Ego is the enemy
  • Obstacle is the way
  • Radical Transparency Radical Open mindedness