Most projects fail due to lack of Planning, Integration and clear measurement of outcomes in real time

Outcome of ODIF

Visibility of project

  • Day wise progressive report of project
  • Each day highlighting of walls
  • Weekly review of project and status

Financial Gain

  • Execution of project within timeline
  • Opportunity cost becomes zero
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Improves the cash flow cycle
  • 24*7 continuous monitoring by managers gives quality output

Competitive Culture at Worksite

  • Distribution of job card gang wise respective packages
  • Eagerness and enthusiasm to accomplish target job and leave site before times
  • Gang wise performance measurement and rewards
  • Incentives for critical activities and night shift gangs

Zero Delay

  • Identification of delays within hours and communication to project manager, packages incharge, plant head and within 24hrs top management
  • quick action to mitigate delays abolish the possibilities of job failure and leads to zero delays in project

Salient features

24 Hrs. Plan only

  • Scheduling of project WBS day wise
  • Resources planning to accomplish day target

No Communication Silo’s

  • Discussion of next day job plan with assurance of resources requirement
  • Clustering of packages gang and distribution of daily job target

24*7 Monitoring

  • Hourly monitoring at site to for ODIF scoring
  • Packages ODIF score report sharing with top management shift wise

Three step ODIF model

  • WBS
  • Job
  • ODIF