History, Current & Future


History, Current & Future

Phase One : Consultants would be engaged either to get licenses from the government, in policy making or in paperwork for compliance

Phase Two : Liberalisation took place in India and HR functions started acting in a big way to accommodate the changes required. They were not able to answer a lot of those issues.

Phase Three :

  • Processes for cost reduction and quality : TQM and Processes for machine focus : TPM
  • ISO- Phase : We did not get in. Importer and international partners enforced this. Operations were enforced to adopt the processes they may not have adopted willingly with an objective to improve operations.
  • Automation processes : Organisations jumped on to technology in a big way. Internally done. Consultants would write the process and companies would forget or found it difficult to implement them in a sustainable way.
  • Best Practise Phase : These implementations were led by technology companies like SAP, ORACLE based on their knowledge and datasets.
  • Processes for Strategy deployment : This phase was all about alignment of organisation with the structure.

Current Phase : Processes for customer and customer centricity. Global competition. End to End view of business issues must be taken into account for delivering solutions .

Future Phase : Being Agile and Nimble; Low on resources consumption; Low on tangibles and high on intangibles; and higher Brand Centricity.