Accelerated Cost Management


Accelerated Cost Management

PBOPlus has successfully helped clients balance the need for quickly addressing market, customer and product needs in response to cost pressures and the long-term viability of their organisation and the brand.

At the centre of our approach are a series of cost centric dimensions such as:

  • Eliminate non-core activity
  • Reduce waste in essential processes
  • Restructure for lower volumes
  • Reduce complexity
  • Reduce touch points
  • Modulate service levels
  • Eliminate strategic gaps
  • Reduce cross functional conflicts & issues
  • Design, Execute and Track every element in value chain
  • Eliminate non-value add activity and align with value add elements

A common problem is that CEO/leadership rarely have appropriate information on the contributions of Value elements, functions or individuals to core processes or to the value chain. PBOPlus has the experience and expertise to rapidly address this information gap, and give the organisation the information it needs to support intelligent and informed decision making

The role of the initiative team is to ensure that firm timely action is taken. Such well considered activity can not be slow: a 90 - 120 day program should deliver.