Lean / Six Sigma Principles


Lean / Six Sigma Principles

Lean has been the quiet champion in manufacturing organisations for many years. Today, the methodology is successfully used across various verticals and industries. At its core Lean is a set of process improvement methods focused on the elimination of waste, and the acceleration of cycle times.

PBOPlus uses Lean as part of its core methodology in our process improvement services, as well as providing training for organisations who want to implement their own Lean program.

Our Lean training during the implementation develops skills that are targeted at:

  • Identify and eliminate waste
  • Improve processes
  • Successfully implement change
  • Measure the benefits

We also train client staff to understand and implement the lean principles. Building this capability in the organisation means continuous improvement can meet new challenges in the future. This sustainable approach to productivity improvement is one of the key aspects of a PBOPlus intervention