Client Engagement


Client Engagement

We spend a lot of time listening to the stakeholders and their concerns. We continuously modify the approach based on the concerns and the business needs.

Our Project methodology is 8 phase and there is a project plan based on this methodology. Our first 5 phases up to TO-BE solution usually completes in 3 months. The client doesn't have the attention span of more than 3 months.

  • In our current environment we continue with the muddled environment. Unless the path is cleared we don't proceed.
  • We communicate regularly and honestly about the progress and track IT WITH PROPER TRACKING TEMPLATES. As part of our Project tracking we organise the following touch points to assess and communicate the progress:
  • Weekly reviews
  • Steering committees
  • Project committee
  • Risk mitigation committee

We set the goals and targets collaboratively with the client at the beginning of the assignment. We apply appropriate methods of engagement to identify the solutions

Three Level Engagement Process

  • PBOPlus Director to Owner
  • PBOPlus Project leader with functional heads
  • PBOPlus Consultants with managers, supervisors and others

3 level engagement continuously monitors disconnect. We were unaware, our assumptions were wrong or any such discrepancies are addressed this way.

Note : The dis-connect at the top must be addressed straight away.

Boot Camps

  • Unique methodology to run the boot camps with all the functional heads to capture AS-IS and pin point the problems.
  • Boot camp is then conducted to identify solutions
  • As – IS, Bonding amongst people, Identifying tools, create To-BE identifiable solutions, create project and process teams


  • Presentation is given after the Boot camp finding and working for reviews with the senior management.