Why Process ?


Why Process ?

If processes did not exist the world would be static. Dynamism, change and improvement, conversion, alteration can occur only through processes.

It is the process which needs to be altered to get the customer. Strategy must be grounded to the processes to get the benefits of the strategy repeatedly. Without the repeatability we cannot be sure about the impact of the process.

We work with you to create a process to win the customers or fulfil the business objectives.

The objectives may not have been achieved by any other interventions as they the change which creates impact for the business can only come through the process. Strategy, people, technology, infrastructure, products, markets, and yet the business objectives are not being met. Perhaps it's the time to look at the processes. So when you should look at the process ? When your tangible assets are in place and still the value is not being delivered or leveraged. We still need to win the customers.

Processes are re-designed or re-defined to help meet the owner's objectives and business objectives in spite of all the other business components in place.

Traditionally this was not focussed and taken for granted because the business heads or CEO's or the owners haven't focussed on the intangible assets of the company. Processes are one of those and they can deliver a defined value. The choices available are to look at the whole to look at a part or a very small part and this is a choice. To look at the value elements:

  • We would like to work on one value element at a time covered by a process
  • We will look at a process horizontally
  • We will work on the people part of the process. People element is untapped and is the biggest source of an untapped value for the customers. So we address the structure piece as well which others don't look at. Once the structure is changed the change in HR components is very high.