7 Chakra
7 Chakra Idealization of Machine, Manpower, and wastage to ascertain productivity and growth
Industries worldwide have been plagued by poor productivity and growth. Although they are investing in useful resources, the companies are still striving to achieve standard quality. And, it is severely affecting their market position as they are unable to meet their customers’ demands on the promised time and with full quality. Moreover, things are more dismal especially in a developing country like India.

Industries are keen to invest in newer machinery and equipment to stay ahead of the competition. But, they are completely overlooking the importance of labor productivity and its impact on their bottom line. While saving cost and increasing revenue are what every industrialist dreams of, there is a need to take a paradigm shift and concentrate more on increasing productivity and reducing waste.

Dream about high productivity than higher revenue, the new wave of ‘value-added per hour’ is taking the industries by storm.

The productivity per hour has fallen by more than 50%. One explanation is that there is no realization of effective utilization of Manpower, Material, and Machines for a given production. Another reason is that the Quality, Quantity, Time, and Cost concerning Manpower, Material, and Machines are not evaluated and predefined.

The Problem of Productivity is in Three Folds in Every Industry

Low Productivity of Manpower
  • In a business day of 8 hours, people work for 2.4-3 hours daily. The productivity is substantially flat and is in between 30-50%.
Low Productivity of Machines
  • The machines can operate for 24x7, where they only run for roughly 8 to 14 hours keeping the productivity to 30-40%.
Low Productivity of Materials
  • The process variability promotes overconsumption of materials and causes production defects, procurement mistakes resulting into decreased productivity.

A rigorous evaluation of ‘what needs to be produced’ against’ what is produced’ with respect to quality, cost, and customer expectations is essential.

What your business lacks

Process Auditing and Standardization
  • Your business activities are not designed and aligned with your customers’ expectations
  • There is no real-time monitoring and tracking of the activities performed in a day
  • Most of your business activities are focused on ‘finishing the project’ than valuing quality, time, and productivity.
  • There are many non-value adding parameters and failures occurring within the processes that you are unaware of. This is directly impacting your bottom line.
Tool to measure productivity
  • There is no measurement system or tool to calculate productivity. The essence of productivity is missing. If you do not have a measurement system to calculate productivity, you would believe that the work is being done at full capacity and on time. But, this is not the case. Customer fulfillment is still absent.
Correct division of labor
  • ‘Attendance= working’ usually this defines your business output for a day. There is no clarity of ‘who’ is doing ‘what’ amount of work daily. Due to this, over-fragmentation of labor takes place.
  • The result is that, with the same technology, machine, and similar plant capacity, you employ five times more people.
Realization of wastage
  • Machine productivity is directly influenced by people productivity when wastage of material is eliminated and the inputs given to the machine are appropriate. In the absence of labor productivity, the goods produced by machines are rejected in the quality test. This increases the cost, wastage, and input with each such production.
  • Remember that ‘low quality = more wastage’ of Material, Manpower, and Machine.

What your business needs

Your business needs the ability to deliver the same or more output with less resource. You need a highly productive team that is responsible for covering an array of business results with lower overhead and increased revenue. It requires being faster in meeting the customers’ demands “on-time” and “in-full” quality.

Representation of phases of 7 chakra model

What your business needs

To address the abovementioned issues, PBOPlus offers you the 7Chakra Model which is our patented solution to improve your productivity and business growth. We employ 7 Chakra to evaluate your processes and also idealize the use of Machine, Manpower, and Materials and define the minimum waste.

All the Chakras in the model can be categorized as follows: