About us
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Who we are?

PBOPlus is one of the leading Business Process Management consulting firms with extensive experience of more than 10 years. Our headquarters is based in New Delhi, India since 2008.

Our primary offerings include:

Harnessing the power of latest tools and echnologies, we have served notable clients in the domain of:

fmcg Manufacturing (FMCG)
Steel Steel
Paper Paper
Textile Textile
Healthcare Healthcare
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical

We help our clients to achieve a reduction in business costs and increase in value for their customers thereby increasing profitability and/or business growth.

Our team comprises of experienced and expert:

  • Leaders
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Business Analysts
Our Company team and people

We work coherently to devise industry-leading solutions in order to optimize your business process and achieve exponential growth. Our solutions can be easily customized based on your business requirements and budget.

During our tenure in the industry, we have come to believe that all businesses are unique in nature. Thus, the processes to carry out their fulfillment also differ. However, with the extensive experience of our leaders and their opportunity to work with several departments end – to – end, we learned that the root of all problems lies in the functions and silo working.

Hence, PBO aims at identifying the root cause of these silos and eliminating them with the help of cross – functional processes. Further, in this endeavor, we also focus on creating horizontal organizations that lead to increased customer alignment and improved organizational effectiveness.