IoT solutions
IoT solutions Smarter machines for fast, accurate, and real-time decision-making
Make the information being generated from your machines more real-time in order to achieve transformational results with respect to production and maintenance.
Operating automated industrial machine

What are the major challenges faced by the Manufacturing Industry?

Whether one may like it or not, the most important value-adding component in any organization is the machine responsible for the production of goods. The customer does not pay for a lack of managerial performance or how the silos amongst departments are overcome.

Hence, the idea of making machines smarter can be credited to the following fundamental theories:

  1. Inherent nature of the manufacturing industry where the highly mechanical machines lead to inaccurate data analysis, bad decisions and poor preventive maintenance.
  2. Machines per se are the highest value-adding components in a manufacturing chain.

How does PBOPlus address these challenges?

In addressing the aforementioned challenges, PBOPlus focuses on making the information available from machines, more real-time. We do so in order to achieve higher accuracy and output levels and to make the entire process more scientific and man independent.

PBOPlus defines IoT in manufacturing as the ability to have real-time information being generated from a machine that can be utilized to predict what measures are needed to be undertaken for its optimum production and maintenance. This can be done with the help of components such as sensors that can be incorporated in the machinery.

Why should you choose our IoT Services?

IOT requires the sensors to be implemented according to the functionality of the machine. They may either be existing in the machine or may have to be deployed externally. Usually, the data of the parameters collected by these sensors is then passed on to a local PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or control unit. The data in its unprocessed form is now shared on the internet. Subsequently, with the help of IoT algorithms, the data is processed and converted into an interpretable form such as a process and performance dashboard. It thereby allows access of information to people across the world. This real-time information thus generated can be used for establishing a correlation b/w the indicators of breakdown and the measures that are to be undertaken for the prevention of the same. Sensors deployed at different parts of the machine effectively detect parameters that are indicative of a breakdown. The condition-based maintenance measures can be implemented manually or automatically depending on the user’s budget.

Our IoT solutions allow users to upgrade their existing machines at considerably cheaper costs and improve its performance manifolds instead of replacing the same entirely.

How do we implement IoT?

Where to implement IoT in manufacturing is one of the most crucial decisions that lead to a direct impact on the viability of the implementation per se. We believe that the process of implementation should lead to an increase in the value-adding – components and translate into profitability for any business.

Drawing from the above theory, PBOPlus considers it wise to introduce IoT in the black holes of a process in an organization. Black holes can fundamentally be understood as the bottlenecks where very little or no information is available that in turn leads people to take bad or poorly informed decisions. These bottleneck machines usually end up defining the total output of the plant even though there may be other machines in the plant that have higher capacity or speed. We introduce IoT in these bottlenecks to eradicate the non-value adding parameters and make the process more productive. IoT helps in the generation of real-time information about machines that ultimately result in increasing the capacity or production. It helps in planning preventive and conditional monitoring of the machines to overcome the breakdowns and ensure that they run at full capacity. As a result, businesses are able to deliver more products and gain more revenue.