Employee Empowerment : The Need for employing a Human Resource Management System


Empowering employees can foster a healthy work culture and lower employee turnover. Job satisfaction also experiences a surge when employees are empowered. Think of it in terms of more power to make decisions which could result in increased productivity as your staff will not have to wait for approvals. However, skipping hierarchy for fetching approvals might expose the business to numerous threats. 

However, a comprehensive solution for human resource management can be the answer to such challenges. Not only can employee management software expedite the process of fetching approvals, but, it can also eradicate numerous other HR-related bottlenecks from the process. 

Before we can dive into the multifaceted benefits of HRM software, let us understand what it is. 


What is a Human Resource Management System?


A human resource management system is essentially an ERP that integrates and automates distinctive functions of an HR process for its convenient management. Also known as Human Resource Information system (HRIS), it can be utilized for recruitments purposes, documenting employee information, managing payrolls and several other tasks. 

The need for such HR management solutions for every organization can conveniently be credited to functions that need to be dealt with accuracy and real-time availability. 


Several benefits of employing HR management software include:

1. Reduction in consumption of paper for documenting related activities.
2. Standardization of HR processes.
3. One-roof solution for employees while seeking assistance from HR.
4. Enabling HR staff to work on value-adding matters for the organization.
5. Customizable solutions that can deal with various HR specific challenges.


Besides the above-mentioned benefits, HRMS also empowers employees in several capacities. Let us consider how:


1. Instills Empowerment Right From The Beginning


Employee Management Software can be utilized right from the stage of recruitment. Doing so will enable candidates to see the status of their job application without the need to awkwardly follow-up with the HR. Hence, besides empowering the candidate, their ability to self-govern can also be evaluated by the manager allowing the placement of a suitable candidate for the organization. 


2. Enables Employees To Manage Information


Allowing employees to govern and change their personal information can foster a sense of trust. Moreover, doing so also gets them rid of the sense of frustration they have to suffer due to the need for interacting with managers or HR to have a small piece of personal information modified. The facility to seek leaves can empower employees and establish a great work-life balance. 


3. Allows The Opportunity Of Self-Governance


Project and task-related updates can be stored in HRM software. Actions can be assigned to employees, and they can view the same on their dashboards. Reminders can be triggered to employees in case they surpass the deadline for a particular task. Office policies and compliance-related information can also be furnished in HRMS, which can help employees to keep up with office ethics. 


4. Paves the Way For Fair Reward And Recognition


HR management software can pave the way for fair rewards and recognition for deserving candidates. Each staff can be evaluated for their monthly performance and awarded scores. These cumulative of these scores can be calculated quarterly or annually to appraise employees. Such a method of appraising employees is not just fair but also allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them alike. 



Offering employees with more control certainly pays off. However, empowerment measures should be implemented prudently. Hence, consulting HR solutions integrating partner can be a great idea. Their experts can help you identify the scopes for employee empowerment and also guide you where it can become risky. For successful HRM software implementation, you must consult a BPM consultant or an HRMS ERP integrator.