The Pros and Cons of Custom ERP

The Pros and Cons of Custom ERP


On the contrary, a custom ERP is developed keeping in mind the needs of an individual customer. Such applications are not meant for use by the masses since they include user-specific functionalities. In order to customize an ERP, you will have to hire specialists. Doing so might have its own advantages and disadvantages. Since you have come looking for what pitfalls to avoid, we must study the pros and cons of a custom ERP system.



Open-Source-Software fails to offer features that are required to meet the needs of your business. This is why most owners give preference to custom order to dispatch ERP and other similar applications. It is not wise to use-open-source software and expects the same results for your business as using a custom ERP module will offer you.  When you work on developing a custom ERP with specialists, they make sure to include all the requirements that ensure process maturity. Such a way of development and design ensures that no step is missed out in a process. Once the development is completed, you are given the license to this software as well as its ownership. Instead of modifying your current business process, you can tweak the available solution in accordance with your organizational demands.


In case any issues arise with the use of a custom ERP software, a dedicated team is always ready to help you. The specialists will also help you with updates in case any bugs occur in the software. Hence, you can enjoy hassle-free use once the software is deployed in your organization.



One of the most prominent disadvantages of a custom ERP is its extravagant cost. Developing custom functionalities involve the usage of the latest technologies. It also requires the involvement of qualified developers, testers, engineers, designers, project leads. Thus, the price for such software is often on the higher-end when compared to open-source software. However, the utility of a customized ERP portal always overpowers the cost of implementation.


If you choose the wrong developers, it will result in the loss of time as well as money. There are many mushrooming firms that compromise on the quality of applications and software in the name of an affordable solution. You must remember that a custom ERP will never be pleasant in your pocket. You must choose reliable developers who are already established in the industry. Do not fret if the solution seems expensive. Communicate your requirements to the service provider and ensure that each of them is included in the agreement before the design and development begin. Rest assured that the custom software will reap bigger returns once the implementation is completed.


Open-source-software caters to a larger user-base. In view thereof, it can never suffice your expectations. On the other hand, custom ERPs are solutions which if successfully implemented can help your business reach new heights.