Top 5 Reasons Why Robots Can’t Replace Humans In The Near Future


Scientists have been speculating our long impending dystopian future for quite a while. Add to that the rise of technologies such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; we hold on to this speculation more strongly. Our subservient counterparts are anticipated to take over our jobs and may as well replace us from other walks of life. Chatbots can register our food orders; bank balance can simply be confirmed using mobile applications and e-commerce giants have already started making deliveries using drones.


However, there are more profound aspects of human jobs. These include empathy, communication, decision – making and many more. Fortunately enough, robots have not been able to replace humans in those areas. And, there is still a long way to go.


“As per a 2017 report from PricewaterhouseCoopers1, 30 percent jobs in the UK, 38 percent in the US, 35 percent in Germany and 21 percent in Japan are likely to be replaced by Automation by the year 2030.”


On the contrary, we have the example of apparently the longest customer care call by Zappos1 that lasted a staggering 10 hours and 43 minutes. The chat was mostly about life in Las Vegas. However, the call center staff eventually managed to sell a pair of Ugg boots to the customer. It is implied that robots and technologies might have overtaken a significant part of our jobs, but they have not overtaken it entirely. There are considerable numbers of explanation in support of these arguments. Let us take a look on few of the most substantial ones.


1.  Ability to Self – Sustain
Human has created technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robots. They can only operate when the right commands and controls are fed to them. Also, none of these technologies can self – sustain and will always require human intervention for maintenance. Skills such as problem – solving, cohesive working and creativity are not something that robots are likely to acquire at least in the near future.


2. Lack of Emotional Intelligence
Unlike the cited example of Zappos, Robots will never be able to empathize with customers during service interactions. For instance, in cases of medical, house –theft or fire insurance, there is a lot of paperwork required. Usually, customers are not in the state of mind to provide the same when such personal losses occur. They might as well not be in possession of some of these documents altogether. Hence, it is only a human representative who will be able to show empathy and suggest an alternative in such a case. The driving goal of customer care is to “Care for your Customers.” Since robots lack emotional intelligence and function only on logic, empathy is difficult to be replicated in them.


3. Ability to Make Decisions
Unlike humans, robots are devised to carry out only repetitive tasks that are usually dull in nature. However, man naturally inherits the ability to think creatively. Since robots lack creativity; they can never make decisions or solve – problems. This is one of the key reasons as to why robots can never replace humans.


4. People are flexible
Robots are designed and developed to perform pre-defined tasks and typically cannot hand unexpected situations. This is the reason that they can achieve targets but cannot ever surpass them. Based on the nature of the task assigned, humans can figure out opportunities to put in some extra efforts to provide additional – value.


5. Robots are expensive
Robots operate on the basis of instructions fed to them through a chip. In case something goes wrong, the company becomes liable to bear losses along with the cost of repairing the robot. Humans, on the contrary, have the ability to detect errors and rectify them before the final delivery.
It is fair for entrepreneurs around the globe to fear that robots will overtake the human workforce in the industry. However, this is not entirely true. The human workforce will still remain a critical component of every industry for many years to come.


Do you think otherwise? Will robots be able to take over and doom humanity? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section