What is Business Process Management (BPM) consulting? How to find a Good BPM consultant?


Business Process Management (BPM) consulting is a powerful and systematic evaluation of your existing business processes, people and departments. It examines your Money, Material, Methods, Manpower, and Machinery and find out where they are becoming inefficient and not translating into revenue. It identifies the bottlenecks and eliminates all the non-value adding parameters to make your business productive with significant cost reduction


Who are Business Process Management consultants?


A Business Process Management consultant is someone you hire to help analyze and document your business process and repeatable systems. The consultant advises how to improve your business processes and make them run more smoothly. The consultant follows a holistic approach to streamline your business processes with an objective to empower your business to deal with everyday challenges effectively and productively. 


Why businesses need BPM consulting?

At times, businesses are unaware of the parameters that are adversely affecting their outcomes in terms of customer fulfillment and revenue generation. Enterprises believe that if any project/product has delayed, it is because their employees are incompetent. But, it is not always the employees who are to be blamed for business inefficiencies. Various significant blackholes in the business process can also lead to business incompetency, which businesses are unaware of. 


Including your Manpower, other parameters like Money, Material, Methods, and Machinery can also contribute to business inefficiency. The challenge is to find which parameter is affecting the cost, time, and quality of your business service. Therefore, there is a need to evaluate your entire value chain for the black holes that are adversely affecting your bottom line. And, this is where BPM consulting is beneficial.


How to find a Good BPM consultant?

A team of good BPM consultants will always study your PRESENT business, assess what went wrong in the PAST and prepare your business for the FUTURE. They have their own tools to take up the evaluation process and their own methods to make your Money, Material, Methods, Manpower, and Machinery more productive. Therefore, to help you hire one, here are the top 8 traits of a good BPM consultant you must know. 


Watch for these top 8 traits of a Good BPM Consultant while hiring one


1. They should always advise solutions that can help your business in cost reduction.


The BPM consultants should evaluate your entire value chain with respect to cost. They must identify the areas where improvements can result in significant cost reduction. They should implement their own solutions to keep the debt lower than cost and cost lower than revenue. 


2. They should devise revenue-based solutions.


The consultants should follow Voice-of-Customer (VoC) approach to identify complex issues that can affect the compliance, accuracy, and reliability of the final product/ project delivery. They must run the ‘factor’ versus ‘contribution’ test to eradicate the inefficiencies and make your system more productive. This would ultimately improve your bottom line as you are now able to fulfill your customers’ demands on time and in full quality, paving way for more revenue.


3. They should always stay target-oriented. 


Business consultants must set targets (short-term and long-term) at first before implementing any BPM solutions. Based on the targets, they must introduce steps for improvement in the organization’s functions that are directly affecting the end goal. They must take the entire ownership for bringing the change and ensuring to achieve the targets in alignment with your expectations. 


3. The BPM team should be a good mix of experience, youth, and industry experts.


A team of BPM consultants must consist of 20% Dynamic Youth (experience of min 2 projects), 30% Experience (experience of min 5 projects) and 50% Experts (Experience of min 20 projects). 


4. They must have the business acumen to introduce and maintain transparency throughout the organization.


The BPM consultants should have tools and methods that can provide day-wise and, if possible, hour-wise visibility of your business processes, people, and systems. They should strive to foresee ‘what’ factors will contribute ‘how’ in improving the revenue and reducing the cost. They should have visibility for next 45 days led by foolproof planning and tracking mechanism.  


5. They don’t impose choices and are here to resolve business problems which you are unaware of.


A good team of BPM consultant will never impose their choices but develop a solution that helps businesses achieve tangible results. BPM consultants are here to make you happy with good revenue numbers but not to please. They talk strict business and provide an objective view of problems that have not been resolved yet. Therefore, you must welcome certain disagreement if growth in terms of number is your prime concern. So, get ready to see a clear picture of your business processes, people, and systems, which necessarily may not be good. 


5. They should follow a full-proof data-driven approach for decision-making


All the decision-making must happen on a factual basis then guesswork. The consultants must follow a scientific approach to collect data concerning your Money, Material, Methods, Manpower, and Machinery. Based on the data collected, they should bring incremental improvements in regular intervals that can reduce cost, enhance workspace functionality, and spur customer fulfillment. 


6. They should know how to prioritize tasks and their impact on the balance sheet.


Prioritizing your business tasks can increase your productivity in a manifold. The consultants break down the entire business activities day-wise and prioritize them with respect to time, quality, quantity, cost, and manpower. They introduce a model that ensures that all the activities are performed in the order they are prioritized. Moreover, against each activity, how its completion will impact the balance sheet is also predefined. 


In the present market scenario, businesses want to surpass their competitors with an impressive range of services and products. They want to maintain Time, Quality, Cost, and Volume of their offerings with respect to their customer needs. Therefore, helping you achieve all of this, BPM solutions can make your system, process, and people work coherently without affecting your reliability and sustainability in the industry. Now is the time you must invest in BPM solutions to make your business processes more productive, reliable, accurate, and fast.