HRMS ERP One-stop and consistent solution to maintain transparency and govern HR functions
In every industry vertical, whether service-based or product-based, there is a crucial need for a unified solution that manages and tracks information related to human resource.

The reason for such a solution can be attributed to specific functions that come under the HR department which needs to be addressed with great amount of accuracy and availability in real-time. However, Human Resource professionals face the following issues while executing them:
Excessive Paperwork

Excessive paperwork for documenting HR related activities and employee information.


Lack of standardization of HR processes for complete visibility and transparency for the management.

 One Roof Solution

Lack of one – roof solution for employees when seeking support from HR which leads to excessive time consumption.


The inability of HR professionals to work on value-adding aspects for the company due to excessive time consumption in the execution of a process.

Customized Solution

Lack of solutions that can be customized to deal with various other pain points as and when the need may arise.

The Solution

PBO’s highly insightful HRMS helps in the automation of the entire employee life cycle starting from recruitment on joining to sustenance and evaluation through the performance management system until the standardized exit process. The solution comes with a set of comprehensive mobile – first features. It additionally offers the management and HR professionals with visual and predictive analytics that makes the process of decision making free of hassles. The modern but easy to use interface can conveniently be integrated with any of the existing business process platforms of users.

An insightful tool to manage, track and report entire employee lifecycle


HRMS Modules and their Functionalities

The Human Resource department is responsible for carrying out a various number of tasks such as verifying employee background, preparing payrolls, hunting talent, imparting training and development sessions and many more. By implementing our HRMS, HR can interact directly with employees and information collection can be done easily. It makes it possible for employees to update their personal information on their own, apply for leaves, raise grievances, share feedbacks and do a lot more with just one-click. This allows the HR to focus on more critical aspects of the job and they are not bogged down.

Our HRMS has a number of modules each of which is responsible for performing particular functions. They are discussed as follows:

Note: Although our HRMS is thoughtfully designed if required small incremental changes can be accommodated concerning your organizational needs.

Performance Management System (IMPROVE)

IMPROVE is the latest addition in the list of modules in HRMs. It is a monthly performance measuring tool designed with an objective to provide a fair and unbiased system for tracking performance and developing individuals.

IMPROVE assesses people based on three elements each month. These three elements are as follows:


Targets are the goals that need to be accomplished in a month.


Processes are the skills that are required to do the job effectively.

Behavioral Competency

It is the set of behaviors that are pre-defined and needs to be demonstrated.

Monthly performance assessment carried out on the basis of all the three elements accounts for a cumulative yearly IMPROVE Score resulting into accurate increments.

The Mobile Version

Given the dynamic nature of HR operations, we have also rolled out a mobile variant of our HRMS. It is currently available for android devices users. Besides, the desktop version is available for iOS users to put into use. The HRMS mobile application allows employees to integrate on a single platform and carry out HR related tasks.

The functionalities of the mobile HRMS application include:

Leave Management

You can apply for leaves, check their status (approved/pending/rejected) and view the leave report.

Task Management

You can create tasks; assign them to your sub-ordinates and check their status (pending/completed/approved/rejected).

Minutes of Meetings

You can create a meeting with a start and end date, select participants and add meeting agenda. You can view the status of all the meetings (created and assigned).


You can integrate with other employees in the organization by calling and texting them.

All the features of our HRMS ERP are user – friendly and customizable with respect to your organizational requirements. To enquire more about the same reach out to our experts.