Machine Maintenance ERP
Machine Maintenance ERP Stringent health checkup regime for machines to ensure their longevity and zero downtime
In the manufacturing industry, machines are the primary drivers of profit and happy customers. Their world-class performance and delivery of quality products decide the market competency and sustainability of a business. The dynamic nature of the machines gives business a wider exposure to capture new market opportunities and serve new customers.

Where machines are responsible for delivering the operational excellence worldwide, any downtime, breakdown or delay can cost a significant loss to a business. Any breakdown in machines can shut down the production line and the entire plant.

Therefore, there is a need for a centralized system that can inspect, manage, and maintain good health of machines so that the overall productivity remains unaffected. The system must allow businesses to effectively monitor and manage Machinery, Manpower, Material, Money, and Methods, promising waste-free operational unit.


The challenge

The challenge here is that production management of a plant has no realization that optimum machine maintenance practices exist and are possible. They are unaware of the performance management solution that can perform conditional monitoring and predictive maintenance of the machines. Moreover, there is no realization that asset unavailability has a bigger impact on productivity.

Where there is an ever-evolving demand for ‘quality products, rapidly and on time’, businesses simply cannot achieve this with an unreliable tool or software.

Businesses need an ERP solution or centralized software that:

  • Facilitates and tracks machine breakdown in advance at regular intervals
  • Takes Cleaning, Lubrication, Retightening, and Inspection (CLRI) measures in frequent intervals to avoid the breakdown
  • Manages change-over-time of machines to minimize the wastage of time, resource, and cost
  • Helps in reducing unexpected and unnecessary losses in the machine

There is a need to change the machine maintenance from ‘mend-it-when-it-breaks’ to proactive mode.

How PBOPlus helps?

Our experts estimated that more than 1/3rd of the productive time is utilized in searching for documents, drawings, and manuals. A lot of time is consumed in obtaining the work permits and coordinating with purchase, inventory, and accounting team for spare part management.

Taking into account all the job roles, responsibilities, and related activities, PBOPlus has developed an ERP system to cater to the crucial needs of machine maintenance and service. Our system is called Machine Maintenance ERP system.

Machine Maintenance ERP

Our machine maintenance software overcomes all the challenges that a manufacturing plant faces with respect to its downtime. The software effectively schedules routine maintenance for machines, while minimizing the downtime.

The functionalities of the software are defined on the basis of the roles and responsibilities of machine maintenance engineer and operator


Machine Maintenance Operator

Assign, review, and track machine maintenance operations Through this ERP, the machine engineer can schedule and assign Breakdown activities, Change Over, CLRI, and Preventive Maintenance to the maintenance operator. The maintenance engineer can now monitor the status of the assigned activities in real time. All the required data related to the machine is consolidated and made readily available.


Machine Maintenance Engineer

View, complete, and update the status for the assigned operations After the tasks are assigned, the respective machine operator gets the notification to undertake the machine maintenance activities. After the allocated task is completed, the operator needs to update the status by creating a ‘Machine Log’.

The Machine Log section of the ERP records the following information:

  • Machine Available Time
  • Machine Stoppage Time
  • Cycle Time
  • SKU List
  • Reason of Machine Stoppage
  • Initial Reading Produced
  • Final Reading Produce
  • Total Parts Produced

Take a strategic shift from a disorganized work environment to a waste-free and process-oriented manufacturing unit. Our ERP is the solution.

Modules of Machine Maintenance ERP

Both the maintenance engineer and maintenance operator have to log into the ERP system using their username ID and Password. After a successful login, they can use the following features of the ERP system.


This part of the ERP gives you admin rights where you can add/remove machine maintenance engineer and operator.


The engineer has the facility to add machine data with respect to the area where machines are located like hot zone, molding area, packing area, and processing area.

Machine Category

It contains the record of every machine category-wise. For example, it can give you a list of machine category like casting, molding, blister packing, printing, pressing, etc. From here you can view the status of machines whether they are enabled or disabled. There is also an option to delete and edit the machine information.


Here you can add the machine information against the respective fields which are Machine Name, Machine Code, Machine Category, and Machine Area. It manages the machine list.


A record of all the parts with respect to machines is readily available here. Its primary motive is to manage the part availability.


Just as the name suggests, this is the to-do list of functions that are required to be performed on the machine. You can view the machine type, maintenance type, and a stringent checklist for maintenance.


Here you can add the machine information against the respective fields which are Machine Name, Machine Code, Machine Category, and Machine Area. It manages the machine list.


A record of all the parts with respect to machines is readily available here. Its primary motive is to manage the part availability.

Although our ERP system consists of these modules, depending on your plant requirements, the solution is easily customizable. To inquire more about our solution, you can reach our experts anytime.

Gain more control of your business operations. Let us help you choose the relevant, effective, and industry-leading solution.