Order-to-Dispatch (O2D) ERP
Order-to-Dispatch (O2D) ERP Manages, tracks and accelerates O2D process to ensure on-time order delivery
Businesses want to excel and surpass their competitors with zero delay service. They want to innovate and try new processes that can accelerate their order-to-dispatch cycle and bring more visibility at each stage. ‘Work fast and get paid faster’ is the need of the hour, especially in the manufacturing industry.

So, where businesses are looking for different ways to optimize their processes, PBOPlus brings an efficient ERP solution called Order-2-Dispatch (O2D). It is an effective tool that automates and accelerates the entire O2D process and overcomes the various challenges faced by the industries today.

Businesses that want to save on cost, time, and resources need to upgrade their system to a more fast and accurate one. And, our ERP system is one of a kind. It simplifies your O2D process and gives you more control of the entire O2D cycle.

Why Do You Need Our O2D ERP for your Business?

Representation of products loading in vehicle

For fulfilling customer’s demands on time

The process of O2D is always customer-driven. It starts and ends with respect to the needs of the customers and the end product.Employing our O2D ERP into your business processes will make sure that all the activities including inventory management, supply chain management, and labor work in collaboration to fulfill the customer’s needs with no delay.

Order Fulfillment and product delivery

For order fulfillment

Our ERP solution also overcomes one of the biggest challenges that every business faces today, i.e. order fulfillment with respect to service level committed. When it becomes difficult to introduce checkpoints in the entire O2D cycle, our ERP eradicates the bottlenecks and makes it easy and efficient. Right from pending orders, availability of resources to final delivery, it manages the multiple dynamics of O2D cycle and makes the cycle work efficiently. It ensures that your order delivery proceeds faster, on time, and in a legitimate way.


For not delaying the cash inflow

Any delay in the cash inflow can occur due to various bottlenecks present in the O2D process. Our ERP system effectively tracks every major stage of the O2D process to eliminate the bottlenecks. It conducts a global search of orders and allows you to track every order along with its current status (delayed or on-time). Every pending order is detected at a very early stage that minimizes the delay of cash inflow.

Salient features of our O2D ERP system

Our O2D ERP comes with the following features:

A compiled view of all assigned and unassigned tasks on one screen
Rule-based automatic scheduling of fetching raw materials, processing, and dispatching
End-to-end workforce optimization and consistent flow of information
Real-time tracking of how many orders are completed, pending, dispatched and are in-progress
Zero wastage of time, as all the O2D required information is readily available in real-time
Eliminates paperwork/ administration tasks in terms of filling forms, contracts, and agreements
Autonomous assignment of a driver with respect to time and map zone
Manages multiple orders with the same customer easily without wasting time for paperwork
Facility to produce customized graphs, reports, and related document to calculate the process performance
Lagging indicators for each step to ensure every activity takes place in a predefined order

Two Important Parameters of O2D ERP

You may wonder how we are able to manage, track, and accelerate the O2D process as effectively as we claim. The answer to this is the two principles that we use to improve and optimize your O2D cycle.

On Time In Full

On Time In Full (OTIF)

It is a performance indicator that measures whether or not your supply chain has managed to dispatch the expected product with exact quality at the desired place on time. We ensure your O2D score the maximum OTIF.

Just In Time

Just-In-Time (JIT)

The main goal behind using JIT is to store only those materials that are required for immediate production. This ensures that there is no wastage of cost with respect to storage and maintenance.

The Standard Modules of O2D ERP

Taking into account the different stages of the O2D cycle, the modules of our ERP system perform specific functions with a great amount of accuracy.

Order Management: Automatically prepares the Purchase Order (PO)

Whenever a customer places an order, the PO is generated automatically, and the entire information is recorded in this module. It records the information in the fields like Customer Code, Customer Name, PO Number, Description of Goods, Delivery Term, Payment Term, etc.

As soon as the purchase is confirmed from the customer’s end, you can enter the PO received from the customer in the module and then send it for the credit approval process. The module also allows you to:

  • Release the series of actions to be performed department-wise.
  • Add complete information about the customer order.
  • Record product specifications and pricing details.
    • Organize the new orders and notify the relevant department immediately for timely fulfillment.

Credit Management: Quickly checks the status of PO whether approved or denied

For the first-time customer, the PO has to go through a credit approval process. And, our credit management module takes care of straightforward denials and approvals based on pre-defined guidelines. It then sends the PO to the respective finance personnel for further review.

For the returning customer, the module will directly route them to the fulfillment stage where the credit approval will take place side-by-side. For returning customers, if the credit for the order was denied previously, the module will process the order just like the new customer. The module makes the account receivable easier and faster.

Order Fulfillment: Efficiently collects Finished Goods (FG) counts to promise order completion

In this module, we create a stock record section that updates the inventory counts in real-time. This helps in accepting only those orders that can be completed on time with respect to the availability of raw materials. Moreover, if an order cannot make it to the fulfillment stage, it immediately flags the issue at the initial step. This helps in notifying the customer and canceling the order with respect to time and resource unavailability.

  • It also records the material on ‘make-to-order’ and ‘made-to-stock’ basis.
  • It gives a current status on pending and ready-to-dispatch material.
  • It schedules the ready-to-dispatch material based on production logistic planning.

Order Dispatch: Accurately allocates the logistic service in real-time

Once the order is ready, this module checks the logistic availability in real-time. Depending on the type of material that needs to be dispatched, the kind of logistic service is decided. Using this module, you can easily plan the carrier pickup schedules and order delivery on time.

We understand that different businesses uniquely manage their order-to-dispatch process. Therefore, our O2D ERP allows you to customize its features to suit your organization’s needs and customers’ requirements.

With the help of our O2D ERP, you get 100% visibility of the entire order-to-dispatch operation, anytime every time. You can increase your organization productivity from let’s say 55-75%. We can also help you ascend productivity further from 75-90% with the introduction of Automation, Robotics, and IoT.

To know more about our services, reach us anytime. You can seek our expert advice to check and select the most suitable ERP solution for your business and customers.