Project Management and Timeline Adherence
Project Management and Timeline Adherence Making micro and macro project management easy, efficient, and effective
In the present market scenario, businesses have diversified solutions to fulfill the unique needs of their customers. And, with a wide range of solutions to offer, comes a responsibility to manage each project with utmost care adhering to agreed timeline, quality, and budget.

Although businesses are well-aware of the importance of project timeline adherence, delivering the same becomes a challenge for them. It is because every task in the project has interdependencies in terms of Manpower, Materials, Machinery, Methods, and Money. When a large number of teams come together to complete the final action, managing the project becomes complex. The complexity of the project leads to silos within the team members, uncertainties, and, most likely exceeds the project timeline.

Therefore, there is a constant need for mapping all Manpower, Materials, Machines, Methods, and Money. It is imperative to gain more clarity on project planning and execution so that the projects are delivered on time with no delays. And, this is where PBOPlus can help.

How PBOPlus helps?

We believe that every day you delay is every day you pass making no money, losing on sales. Whether it is a large constructional or service-oriented project, with our well-defined 3-step Project Management model, you gain more visibility and can manage your project more effectively. You become confident that the particular course of action is going to complete on time, thereby helping you deliver more to your customers and gain more profit.

  • Our 3-step model integrates all your Manpower, Materials, Machines, Methods, and Money.
  • You always stay on top of what is happening within your team and in the entire organization.
  • You get complete transparency over the project status, its delivery, and the outcome.
  • Sharing documents, allocating jobs, and tracking back the performance becomes easy and quick.
  • It is easy to take corrective and preventive actions when project planning has just begun to deviate from its ascertained path.
Project and team Management representation

How is our model different?

While the available project management tools help you track activities on a weekly or monthly basis, our 3-step model breakdowns the entire day’s activities hour-wise. Our model works on the basis of ART, i.e. Align activities, Resources, and Time to bring a dramatic difference in terms of quality and cost reduction. It manages the task allocation and ensures the work done with respect to time and quality.

Each activity is tested and reported daily to keep quality, time and cost in harmony with the established plan. It sets the target for each day, divides the project day-wise and within the day, activity-wise. Now, it becomes easy for you to monitor the work done with respect to quality and make it available to your customers.

PBOPlus helps you reduce the project time to 1/3rd by employing efficient project management tools. And, we can also reduce the project time to 1/5th by introducing automation into your present work model.

3 step Project-Management Model

Our 3-step Model: Effective planning and on-time project execution

We have a simple 3-step model around which we give project management solution. We effectively breakdown your processes and allocate the available resources with the tasks based on their defined services. We create a work environment, where your employees not only perform the activities based on deep planning but also get constant feedback to correct their course of action so that the critical path of your project is not affected. We also ensure that the work that needs to be done on the shop floor gets done physically according to the activities planned.

We introduce a model that everyone adheres and aligns to and uses as feedback to correct one’s course of action.

Step 1: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) -Mapping the project structure to find and fix the problem

WBS is the planning part of our project management. It includes Start Date, End Date, Earliest Start Date, Earliest Finish Date, and Critical Path. We calculate this based on the number of resources following their job responsibilities and availability.

All your employees must abide by the work structure which we are trying to introduce into your work system. Moreover, WBS can also be made for your vendors so that they are aligned with your work structure to gain more transparency.

Fix and Rolling parts of WBS

There are certain parts of WBS that are fixed, and others are rolling. We usually run our WBS as 3-week rolling and 1-week fix. In this, for the entire week, you and your employees need to follow our project planning strictly with no change.

Benefits you get

Step 2: Job Card: Keeping a close watch on the daily activities of your employees

Bringing a change of habit within your employees, we introduce the step-2 of our model, i.e., Job Card. This is the time when the plan we have created is translated into individual activities for each member of your team.

A Job Card is a detailed description of the kind of job that each employee must complete by the End of the Day (EOD). For a given work order, each employee can be watched closely for the time spent to reach the completion of the task assigned. This helps you to know "who" is performing "which" task and for "how" long for that given date/day.

Benefits you get

Step 3: On Day in Full (ODIF) - Measuring the accuracy and efficiency of work done daily

Against every Job Card created, your employees need to generate an ODIF giving the whole progress of their work done for the entire day. ODIF is a key performance indicator that gives you a clear picture of how often you get the job done from that particular employee at what level of quality. This helps in auditing your employees’ performance and indicating ‘who’ is helpful and ‘what’ is causing the delay.

ODIF measures the work done in 1s and 0s, where each 1 defines the work done, and 0 defines zero work done. ODIF is a precise measuring tool to have visibility on employee performance and work done.

Benefits you get

We aim to improve your ODIF, removing human errors and help you become more accurate and efficient in project delivery.

To introduce our 3-step model into your system, talk to our experts. You can contact us anytime. Our model is simple to follow, easy to implement and works very effectively. We take the accountability of delivering things on time, within the estimated cost and timeline.