Automotive Sourcing & Supply Chain Consulting
Automotive Sourcing & Supply Chain Consulting Transforming Automotive production with the Smart, Agile, and Strong strategies- Optimized by industry experts and powered by PBOs decade long outreach into Manufacturing across India. Spare procurement, movement and management.

Supply Chain Consulting

The modern supply chain is integrated. It is a vast network of resources, entities, information and opportunities that are spread across countries and continents. But this whole network chain is what connects every activity of the planning stage to serve the final product to your potential customer.

Your Supply Chain accounts for the major cost of operations for any Automobile company. That's why our Client Partners, especially OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers both domestic and export markets, rely on us to help make their Supply Chains robust and agile.
PBOPlus Supply Chain Consulting optimises your production process by creating sourcing processes that ensure QCDDM at every stage.

From Source Identification to Site Visits and Development Monitoring of the parts, right till it ships
Every sourcing flow is best-suited for respond to your short term and long term needs. In a market place that is shifting overnight, your Supply Chain remains adaptable and reliable.
Our sourcing and supply chain services focus on optimising

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Development
  • Delivery
  • Management

Thereby ensuring your bottom line and delivering the highest value to you and your product

How PBOPlus
can set up your
Supply Chain

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Changing Global Supply Chain Trends

Every PBO Supply Chain Solution is designed based on complex real time market situations, that are local in data and global in priority. Supply Chains are seen to be heavily affected during disasters and negatively changing market trends, so we plan not just for the best case, but the worst. .

  • Today , local realities can impact your facility. Pandemics, Taxes & Excise or Logistics affect sources . That means your suppliers and buyers are on the line.
  • Tomorrow, the global supply chain is digitizing. With changing demands from the customers and omnichannel availability of resources being non-negotiable, your Supply Chain has to be one step ahead.

Key aspects of
sourcing and
supply chain

Transform your sourcing and supply chain with PBOPLUS

  • After over a decade of working with Indian manufacturing, PBOPlus has delivered Supply Chain excellence to our Client Partners across the continent.
  • Our automotive experts using our Data Analytics, provide consulting services end-to-end for your entire project and help you to make sure no minimise costs and maximize value at every step
  • We focus on reliability, cost control and speed.

Unlimited Product Range Support

PBOPlus created solutions that are tailored to your specific requirement . Our product range of Automobile Parts is not limited to any expertise and encompasses every possible requirement.

We support Parts requirements in various manufacturing processes, used in systems throughout the vehicle.











Vehicle Interior



Injection Molding & Tooling in Plastics

Injection Molding & Tooling in Rubber

Casting - Grey Iron, SG, Iron, Aluminium in fully machined condition

Sheet Metal stamped, deep drawn, welded, surface coated parts

Tube based parts, with forming, bending, swaging, welding, brazing

Required Proprietary Processes

Forging and Machining

Extrusion based products.

End Products

Lamps & Switches

Electronic Control Module

Leather Seats & Upholstery


Alloy Wheels

Door Sealings