Revenue Improvement

Adopt smarter ways to improve your service/product fulfillment and dramatically earn revenue

Every business wants to gain higher revenue with effective and efficient utilization of all the available resources. And for this, each process, every department, and all the resources must work towards a unified goal to earn more revenue and timely fulfill the needs of the targeted customers.

The challenge

It is essential to understand that revenue starts with customer satisfaction and fulfillment. Therefore, the presence of silos within the team/ department and any delay/ breakdown within the organization can disrupt the delivery of the final products/ projects. And, this inconvenience and delay caused to the customer can cost significant revenue to the businesses.

To maintain your bottom line, it is essential to identify the needs of your customers based on parameters such as Time, Cost, Volume, and Quality. It is important to identify the controllable parameters that have a bigger impact on customer expectations, and, then translate the parameters into value-adding components for the customers.

Customers are willing to buy only those services/products which can prove to be value-adding component for them; everything else is insignificant and should be eliminated.

We start with understanding the Voice-of-Customer (VoC)

PBOPlus follows the Voice of Customer (VoC) approach to understand the needs of your end customers with respect to the parameters that are greatly influencing their minds to choose you over your competitors. We gather your customers’ feedback about their expectations and experience with your services/products. Depending on the feedback (positive and negative), we lay steps for your service/product improvement.

A satisfied customer = an earned profit; we must aim to earn satisfactory profits!

We identify the right parameters for revenue improvement

Different parameters define revenue for businesses in a unique way. For B2B, revenue is more concentrated towards fundamental parameters such as Cost, Quality, and Time, whereas, for B2C, it is defined by parameters such as convenience, experience, and quality.

  1. We prioritize the factors affecting your customers’ expectations concerning revenue.
  2. We start with discovering the ultimate source of truth and the biggest contributing factors associated with it.
  3. We run the ‘factor’ versus ‘contribution’ analysis. For example, if Time is the biggest factor affecting the revenue, we analyze Time versus its contribution to the total revenue. The same goes for Quality, Cost, and other factors.
  4. We also investigate your services/ products to identify complex issues related to accuracy, reliability, and compliance of cost, quality, volume, and time.

If you want to conquer the marketplace for a longer time, revenue should not be just about getting rich but enriching your customers’ experience. 

We provide you with right solutions to address the problems

Depending on our research and analysis, we give you the best suitable solution that addresses the problem and helps in revenue improvement.

While businesses see revenue as monetary gain, we perceive revenue as the gain of the end customers in terms of product/service fulfillment. We do revenue improvement on factual basis than on guesswork. We analyze your entire value chain, right from processes, people, to machines and give solutions that enhance the effectiveness of the area employed.

If the problem is around business effectiveness and manpower optimization, we employ our patented solution called 7 Chakra.

If the major issues lie in the process, planning, resources, and control of operations, we offer you Business Process Interface (BPI) and 3T SOP as solutions.

If the parameter which is to be improved is related to machines, we implement Automation solutions & OEE improvement solutions.