Business Process Management Consulting 

To make you stay organized, efficient, and accurate with your business processes

In a volatile business environment, organizations are striving hard to improve the effectiveness and performance of their internal processes. Knowing that a business earns revenue only after customer fulfillment, organizations compete hard to stay structured, efficient, accurate and fast with their service/product production and delivery.

It is imperative for large as well as small businesses to invest in process transformation initiatives that can deliver significant benefits, including efficient resource utilization, cost reduction, and revenue improvement. This is where PBOPlus helps.


We assess your Manpower, Materials, Machinery, Methods, and Money across the value chain to find where things are going wrong and not translating into higher revenue and profits. We eradicate the non-value adding activities and redesign effective ones by implementing our proven and patented solutions to make you a dramatically strong contender within your industry domain.

We solve business pain points and help you achieve tangible improvements in your organizational effectiveness. Our solutions help in improving organization end-to-end cutting across functions such as Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales, HR, IT, Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance, and many more.



PBOPlus is one of the leading Business Process Management Consulting firms with more than 10 years of experience. Employing the latest tools and technologies, we have served clients belonging to different industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, FMCG, Banking, Pharmaceutical, and many more.

We have a strong and competent team of consultants and experts who provide a much-needed degree of objectivity to examine your current business processes. This is followed by identifying and prioritizing the steps for improvement, and, then designing and implementing process improvement solutions to tangible results.

We bring a paradigm shift in managing and tracking your business processes and making them more productive.

Latest Achievements


3rd Largest Steel Manufacturer in India

INR 100 Crore cost reduction in 12 months

Truck-in and Truck-out time reduced from 16 to 4 hours

People effectiveness increased by 30%


2nd Largest Coal-based Sponge Iron Manufacturer in India

INR 40 Crore cost reduction in a year

Truck-in and Truck-out time reduced from 24 to 8 hours

People effectiveness increased by 25%


India’s Largest Pipe Manufacturer

IoT implementation to have real-time visibility of machine performance

OEE improvement from 50% to 80%


Largest Saffron Producer in India

Food Processing Machine (TPRF) and Integrated Packaging Machine (IPM) was installed that increased productivity by 200% 


Our services are divided into three critical parameters on which the industries worldwide are striving hard to maintain and improve.

Cost Reduction

We evaluate your entire value chain with respect to cost and eliminate the non-value adding parameters. We employ our patent methods to keep the overall debt cycle lower than costs and costs lower than revenue.

Revenue Improvement

We conduct ‘factor’ versus ‘contribution’ analysis to identify complex issues associated with accuracy and reliability of Cost, Quality, Volume and Time. And, for this, we follow Voice-of-Customer (VoC) approach.

Project Management and Timeline Adherence

We employ our 3-step model to give you complete transparency over the project status, its delivery, and outcome. Our model gives you deeper insights into your Machines, Materials, Manpower, Money, and Methods.